Accretive - Practical Business Solutions
How we Operate
The Accretive 5-step consulting process
We seek to understand...
An Accretive consultant takes time to get to know you, your business and your objectives.  This helps us frame our problem statement and develop a meaningful initial hypothesis, which will be our guide for the rest of the assignment
Then we gather facts...
We believe that facts are the foundations on which a successful business is built.  Without understanding your business and the environment in which you operate, we risk treating a symptom, not the real cause of a problem
And, it's done at a cost we agree upfront
The biggest problem with engaging an external company to help in your business is not understanding exactly what you are going to get and how much it will cost.  Accretive agrees the scope and the price upfront, giving you peace of mind while retaining control of your budget
Next, we look for opportunities in the context of the big picture...
It's easy to get bogged down in micro-details.  An Accretive solution balances the big picture against what's necessary to achieve an outcome.  We spend time with you to verify our hypothesis, clarify your objectives (and objections) so we can deliver a meaningful result
Then we develop a roadmap...
You never reach a goal without understanding what it is and how to get there. The roadmap we develop with you provides a clear pathway to reach your objectives, conscious of the limited capacity of many businesses to undertake major change while maintaining their existing operations and revenue
Delivering practical solutions to help businesses grow since 2008