Accretive Opinion Series

Just Trust Me
18 July, 2014
Let’s face it - we have all had bad experiences as a buyer of a product or service. You walk out of a meeting mumbling under your breath “I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could kick them.” Why is that? What did they do to you (or others) which would cause you to not trust them? READ MORE
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How well do you know your staff?
24 April, 2014
An interesting article has been circulating around the internet over the last few days.   Apparently, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon sends an annual email to the Amazon team with the header “please do not take up this offer”.  Inside, the email contains an offer of $2,000 and 4 weeks’ pay if you leave the company the same day... It begs the question - how well do you know your team?  READ MORE
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Could your branding strategy make or break your business?
26 August, 2013
Brands are expensive.  They take time to develop and have the ability to make or break a business. Spend time not only talking to people who like what you do, but those who are habitually difficult.  Research and testing before you commit might just save your business from a very costly mistake. READ MORE
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When is it OK not to tell the truth in business?
15 July, 2013
Are we as a society becoming so adept to telling clients what we think they want to hear that the truth becomes an implausible way of managing client expectations?  At what point does sharing personal information in a business setting damage your credibility?  While common sense usually prevails, we have all been in a situation where "too much information" being shared in a meeting or social setting causes you to cringe... So at what point does personal information simply become too much? READ ON TO FIND OUT MORE
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Does it really make sense to pay for the toilet on a plane?
14 June, 2013
I have a real fascination with flying and more particularly, discount airlines.  You know the ones I mean… you pay for a seat - and that’s all you get.  Everything else is extra.  How can they be more popular and profitable than full service airlines?  When their management talk about user-pays toilets and standing seats (like a train) - have they taken the word “discount” too far?  How do you model this sort of idea to determine if it will fly (excuse the pun)?  READ ON TO FIND OUT MORE

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